G FORCE DanceFit

A new dance-fitness brand that is entering the Polish market

G Force DanceFit is a specially designed dance-fitness program combining elements originating from Whacking as well as other street dance forms into an awesome workout that will boost your energy.

The founder is Piotr G Jeziorowski who basing on many years of experience as a professional dancer and a dance instructor has created a new programdesigned to adapt individual clients' abilities and expectations.

G Force DanceFit is a combination of 3 basic factors (Triple-E ):

These are strength-endurance classes with some elements of stretching. They aim at developing strength and muscular endurance of all muscle groups and also at increasing the mobility of joints. The classes will help you to improve your physical fitness and reducing your body fat at the same time. G Force DanceFit classes are an excellent way to exercise and to have great fun because thanks to varied dance steps and moves that are combined with thrilling choreography and energetic music. Through Entertainment to perfect body!

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